Classic Clapton

25th Anniversary Concert

Newcastle City Hall, 11 December 2010

To watch a performance of San Francisco Bay Blues from this concert click on the video screen below. It includes Mike's description of the band's first visit to Estonia in 2004 when a member of the band drank too much vodka.


To watch a perfomance of Layla from this concert click on the video screen below



25 Anniversary Gig

Our 25th Anniversary Concert at Newcastle City Hallon 11th December 2010 was definitely one of the highlights of our long career. It was very special for us to stand on that stage where so many rock legends have performed including The Beatles & Eric Clapton

Mike at The City Hall

Here Mike is fulfilling a lifelong ambition by performing at Newcastle City Hall - one of the greatest venues in the country.

City Hall Audience

Thank you to everyone who came along to our 25th Anniversary Concert. 800 people from all over the UK made the hazardous journey to Newcastle so they could sample a piece of "real Geordie culture". A tremendous time was had by all.

Mike + 335 at City Hall sound-check

Mike bought a new guitar in 2009. A very special 60's reissue Gibson 335, very similar to the one used by EC in Cream. Here Mike is playing it at Newcastle City Hall.

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