Classic Clapton

Spain August 2007 & January 2008

Sotogrande Blues Festival

A very prestigious festival, with an impressive line-up!

Sotogrande sound-check

Sotogrande is a very up-market development approx 15 Km from Gibraltar. The stage was incredibly hot for the afternoon sound-check.

The gig

Classic Clapton hit the stage at midnight.

John & Mike

John & Mike

View of audience

The view from the stage was stunning and the atmosphere was great.

Press Preview

Most of the local magazines and newspapers carried previews of the festival. This one even had and english translation.

Malaga Festival

Classic Clapton are thinking of adopting these outfits for their stage-wear. Comments on a postcard please!

Madrid January 2008

Star Cafe Madrid

Live on stage at The Star Cafe, Madrid - 12th January 2008

Star Cafe

This was a birthday party for Jose Manuel and his wife. The stage was loud & hot but the atmosphere was great.

tapas bar

On the first night we went straight from the airport to a tapas bar in central Madrid.

Jazz Cafe 2

We enjoyed The Larry Martin Band so much that we forgot how much we had drunk.

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