Classic Clapton

Holland August 2009

To watch a video of CLASSIC CLAPTON performing in HOLLAND click on the video screen below:-


Tribute Party

The Annual Tribute Party at De Wolfsberg Hotel, Groesbeek.

De Wolfsberg Hotel

The beautiful De Wolfsberg Hotel.

De Wolfsberg Hotel

De Wolfsberg Hotel.

The venue before opening

The impressive festival site before the crowds arrive.


The audience has arrived. 2,000 people. Another sold out festival.

View of audience

The atmosphere was very friendly.

Mike Hall

Mike Hall

View of audience from stage

Great crowd.

Mike Hall

Mike really enjoyed playing at the Tribute Party.

View of audience from stage

Another shot from the stage.

Unplugged set

Unplugged set.

John Forster

John Forster

Eric, Ron & Pattie

Mike wasn't the only lookalike at the Tribute Party. Here he is with "Ron Wood" from The Faces. And don't you think the lady in the middle looks like Pattie Boyd?

Classic Clapton unplugged 2014

Mike was invited back to De Wolfsberg to perform an Unplugged concert in December 2014. You can see photos from the trip on our Facebook page here:-

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