Classic Clapton



On this page are links to video clips of CLASSIC CLAPTON. Just click on a button to view! Please note these are .zip files and may take a few minutes to download.

Steppin' Out Video Steppin' Out 0.25 1.31MB
Video of Layla Layla 0.23 1.24MB
Video of Tulsa Time Tulsa Time 0.47 2.52MB
Video of Crossroads Crossroads 4.50 12.9MB
Video of Bad Love Bad Love 5.11 13.3MB
Video of Before You Accuse Me Before You Accuse Me 0.15 3.06MB
Video of Tears In Heaven Tears In Heaven 1.19 5.60MB
Video of Layla Layla 0.42 2.25MB
Video of Motherless Children Motherless Children 0.15 3.63MB

To watch a video of Classic Clapton performing two songs at a recent concert in Irvine, Scotland click on the links below:-


Little Wing

We have uploaded some videos onto our two YouTube websites. This includes 2 songs from Glastonbury Festival in 2002. Keep checking for up-dates. To see these live performances from CLASSIC CLAPTON gigs click on the following links:-



After Midnight YouTube

Also, see more video footage by going to TV News section. Just click on one of the links on the home page.

To watch Layla click on the video screen below or visit:-

Mike was asked to perform Further On Up The Road with The Last Waltz Show at Mill Tyne Theatre on 19 Sept 2014. Great band and lovely experience. Here are some photos from the gig:-

To watch a video of the song click on the video screen below or visit:-

To watch video footage of After Midnight performing Badge click on the video screen below or visit:-

To watch a video of Mike Hall performing Layla unplugged. Click on the video screen below or visit:- This performance was on Estonia TV in April 2007. To see the full interview go to

Go to Estonia

To watch a TV review of After Midnight performing in MUMBAI click on the video screen below